Emergency Management Updates

  • The Emergency Management Division is still operating to promote health and continued mitigation risk efforts as the Public Health Emergency of the Tribe is still in very much effect, and most likely will be through the upcoming quarters of the year as a precaution. You may still inquire, email, and approach the team by emailing directly at emd@lvpaiute.com.

  • PPE Distribution is still available per request, as well as fulfillment to all Tribal Businesses continues on an ongoing basis.

  • Vaccination Clinics continue to serve the Tribal Community, for more information please contact the Tribal Clinic or fill out the COVID-19 Vaccination Survey.

Who is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Nevada?

All Nevadans over the age of 16 are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in the Silver State as of April 5.

Previously, vaccines were administered based on where someone fell in two eligibility “lanes.” One lane was for frontline and essential workforce, while the other was for the general population. The lane-based system allowed the state to ensure it was vaccinating both high-priority sectors of the workforce with frequent and sustained exposure to the public while also vaccinating high-priority sectors of the general population most at risk for falling seriously ill from COVID-19. Click here for a graphic that shows how those two eligibility lanes previously functioned.

Eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine is governed by the state’s vaccination playbook. The third version of the playbook, the most recent, was released on Jan. 11. You can find it here.

Are children under the age of 16 eligible for the vaccine?

No, there is currently no approved vaccine for those under the age of 16. Pfizer, however, recently announced that its vaccine is 100 percent effective in protecting against symptomatic disease in adolescents aged 12 to 15. Pfizer is expected to soon submit its data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the entity responsible for determining whether the vaccine’s use can be extended to those 12 to 15.

State of Nevada Coronavirus Mitigation Data


Daily case counts reflect newly reported cases and may represent cases that were tested in the preceding days, which could significantly impact the count on days when a relatively large number of late laboratory reports arrive in one day. The data displayed in the dashboard below and the Southern Nevada Health District’s COVID-19 Trends Report provides a 7-Day Average of Daily New Case Counts based on date of onset and the Percent of People Receiving COVID-19 Viral Tests Who Have Positive Results. These graphs and tables give more reliable context to the impact of COVID-19 on our community.

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