Las Vegas Paiute Tribe

Specific Measures Taken by the Tribe in Consideration of Our Environment.


  • The Tribe has replaced all of its lighting fixtures with energy-efficient, fluorescent light bulbs.
  • The Tribe only purchases energy-efficient UL approved computers for departments.

Electronic Recycling (E-Waste)

  • In order to properly dispose/recycle electronic wastes, the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe recycles all itsequipment after it has outlived its original intended usefulness and it may not be welcomed by ourdivisions for reuse. For this the Tribe uses these measures in order to recycle electronics:
  • Donation to a thrift store, non-profit, or school. (Currently Using the Blind Center of Nevada).
  • Sell for re-use or sell to a buy-back program.
  • Drop off at a retailer (e.g. Best Buy) that has an e-Waste recycling program.
  • Send back to manufacturer, if a mail-in program is available. (CDW-G).

Vehicle Usage

  • Most of the Tribe’s vehicle fleet, with the exception of police vehicles are acquired from the GSA, and onlyeco-friendly, fuel efficient vehicles are leased.

Golf Course Maintenance

  • Some of the biggest environmentally friendly practices can be found in the Tribe’s Golf Course Maintenanceoperations. From fertilizer to pesticides, from lake maintenance to equipment operation, all purchases andpractices are done with the environment in mind. Thousands of dollars are spent each year on “green”products used to maintain the quality of our golf courses.

Building Improvement Practices

  • All parking lot lighting was converted to LED, energy-efficient light bulbs in 2014.
  • Our buildings are older, so anytime renovations are performed, new energy-efficient products are used toincrease a building’s ability to retain heat in the winter and cool in the summer, utilize energy-efficientroofing materials, lighting, and wall construction.

Water Infrastructure Project – Earmark Grant with EPA Section IX

  • Replacing water mains, water service lines, fire hydrants, water meter for the Tribe’s Colony in downtownLas Vegas. This cost is being shared by the Tribe and is a significant investment to address waterinfrastructure deficiencies on the reservation.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Tribe is replacing decades old wastewater treatment plant with state of the art technology.

Operation of Air Quality Monitoring Program

  • Real time reporting to TREX: Ozone, PM10, PM25, and Wind speed/direction/gust.
  • Highest air monitoring site for Clark County in an area with maximum ozone.