Mission Statement

The Las Vegas Paiute Tribe is committed to ensuring clean air for the citizens of Las Vegas and the environment. In addition, the Tribe is dedicated to staying up to date with helpful methods to prevent any harm or damage done to the environment. We have many policies in place that help reduce pollution and we actively practice the safe disposal of electronic waste.


Las Vegas Paiute Tribe operates an Air Quality monitoring site which collects and records the current condition of the air. This data is sent to TREX, the Tribal Environmental Exchange Network, who is a partner of the Environmental Information Exchange Network (EIEN). With the assistance of other Air Quality monitoring sites throughout the valley, we are able to effectively observe and track the Las Vegas valley's Air Quality Index (AQI). Our monitoring site is the currently highest air monitoring site for Clark County in an area with maximum ozone.

    Pollutants measured at this site:
  • Ozone
  • Coarse Particulates (PM-10)
  • Fine Particulates (PM-2.5)


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